Professional House Cleaning Service in Atlanta Advises Less Frequent Clients on Removing Allergy Inducing Products That Can Be Found in Home

EMJ Cleaning, a professional house cleaning service in Atlanta, advises its less frequent clients on removing the products in their homes that can lead to health-related problems like Asthma.

(ATLANTA, GA) EMJ Cleaning Services, a professional residential and commercial cleaning company in Atlanta, Georgia, is informing its less frequent clients via e-mail newsletters on the importance of removing the following allergy-inducing product that can be found right in the home: dust. Overtime, dust collects in hard-to-reach places, like baseboards and ceiling fans, which can lead to symptoms such as coughing, sneezing and watery eyes.

“Dust is much more problematic than people realize,” says EMJ Cleaning owner Eric Cano. “It has bacteria that can cause health-related issues like allergies and even asthma. Dust can be hard to see at first-glance and it builds up quickly, which is why it’s so important to thoroughly clean your home or have someone clean it for you frequently.”

According to National Institutes of Health, the protein in the bacteria of the dust is called Flagellin, and it’s responsible for enhancing allergic responses. “Inhaling any substance of this nature isn’t good for overall health, which is why I’m making it a point to distribute this information to the clients we don’t see as frequently so that they can help alleviate the problem,” says Cano.

Cano has been successfully running EMJ Cleaning for over 10 years and offers the following services in Atlanta and surrounding cities: regular cleaning, heavy duty cleaning, deep cleaning, move out cleaning, foreclosure cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning and more. The uniformed employees of EMJ are licensed, bonded and insured and perform meticulous cleaning services, with a discount offered to any unsatisfied customer. “We pride ourselves not just on getting the job done but doing it professionally and according to the customer’s standards,” states Cano.