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Atlanta Cleaning Service Prevents Health Threatening Bacteria

Atlanta cleaning service, EMJ Cleaning, prevents health threatening bacteria in residential homes.

(ATLANTA, GA) For most people, cleaning is considered putting everything in its place. Unfortunately, cleaning involves a much more labor-intensive process in order to get rid of the bacteria that make people sick. It also requires the use of heavy-duty equipment and a variety of cleaning products. Who on Earth has the time, energy and money to spend on all of the resources needed to deep clean a house, an apartment or an office? Very few…that’s why there’s help.

EMJ Cleaning is a professional cleaning service for Atlanta and its surrounding areas. EMJ has a professional and well-trained staff that is available to clean homes and commercial buildings 7 days a week. When EMJ arrives, they perform all of the duties that are requested, such as move-out cleaningcarpet cleaning, and more.

Just because a home may look clean and neat, doesn’t mean there aren’t germs lurking around every corner. Filters and vents must be properly cleaned otherwise mold and mildew can grow and lead to serious infections. Kitchens and bathrooms are playgrounds for bacteria because they are the places where germs are most commonly exposed. Research has actually shown that the cutting board on a kitchen counter top is more unsanitary than a toilet. All types of health-threatening bacteria, like salmonella and E.coli, can form if places like the kitchen and bathroom are not regularly cleansed. Bacteria grow where it’s moist and dark, so the tub and shower curtain can also house tons of bacteria that are known to cause illnesses.

The kitchen and the bathroom aren’t the only places that must get regular attention. All floors, including carpeted floors, must be cleaned thoroughly as often as possible to avoid problems such as warts and athlete’s foot. When floors are only swept and not deep cleaned, viruses can build up which will have an effect on the people that like to walk around barefoot. Dirty floors also attract bugs like spiders and roaches, which are never sanitary, especially in a houseful of children.

People clean for many different reasons…to alleviate stress, to make the home or the office look presentable to guests. But the most important reason why people need to clean their inhabitable units is to prevent the bacteria that can cause illnesses. A home is where people should feel safe and comfortable, but it won’t feel that way if it’s a hodgepodge of germs.  EMJ cleaning services give people that peace of mind they need when they look for a great cleaning service. Eric Cano, owner of EMJ, says, “Our staff does an excellent job cleaning the places that people don’t have the time or the right products for. We want people to feel safe and healthy wherever they are.”


jordy cano

jordy cano

Jordy is the "J" in "EMJ Cleaning Services". They began as a small, one-team crew, which became more successful than they ever imagined. He makes sure home and business owners receive high-quality cleaning services and is dedicated to customer satisfaction.


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