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Dust and debris that accidentally fall on your sofa and couch can take a toll on the health of the upholstered surfaces, leading to wear and tear faster than you imagined. Regular vacuuming and deep cleaning of upholstery furniture is thus helpful to wipe off all the unwanted dust, dirt, grime and spills from your couch and sofa and to create a place that feels good and smells good. Besides the dust and dirt, dog hair, cat hair and human hair also get trapped in the sofa. Deep cleaning the upholstery will not just make it look like new but help it to last longer too! We at EMJ Cleaning are the best professionals for upholstery cleaning Atlanta who work perfectly and dedicatedly for cleaning your upholstery.

A cleaner, better-looking home provides a better atmosphere for your family members and guests. At EMJ, we provide professional deep steam cleaning that will make your furniture last longer and render your home a beautiful look. If you are seeking for the best upholstery cleaning services Atlanta, we are the best and the most reliable professionals to help out. With years of experience, our well trained professionals clean your upholstery and care for it in a professional and dedicated manner. Our team uses the right products depending on what your upholstery needs. We bring along professional sofa cleaning equipment and use eco friendly and safe cleaning methods that will not just extend the life of your furniture but refresh your house and rooms with a pleasant fragrance. Using professional steam cleaning methods, we tackle and maintain your couches and chairs in a fully professional and seamless manner.

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Maintaining and deep cleaning the upholstery is a challenging task in itself and that’s where professionals like us step in. We thoroughly vacuum and dust both sides of the cushions, pillows, sofa and chair surface and leave no single area untouched while cleaning upholstery. We use only the best quality equipment to deep clean your sofa to clean dust, dirt or crumbs on upholstery and help prevent wear and tear of your upholstered furniture.

Hygiene is the most important thing that makes up any home. Without proper cleaning, dirty stuff can become more embedded in your sofa leading to the growth of molds and fungus. Thus we give proper time to deep clean and treat those fabrics. Besides being reliable, our services are inexpensive and convenient.

Payment is due when service is rendered. First-time cleaning must be paid by cash or credit card the day of the cleaning. These following credit cards are acceptable over the phone: Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express. We also accept personal checks, cash, and money orders.

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