Atlanta Home Cleaning Service Offers Thanksgiving Discount


EMJ Cleaning, and Atlanta home cleaning service, is offering a deep clean discount in November. 

(ATLANTA, GA) The owner of EMJ Cleaning, an Atlanta home cleaning service, has announced that he will offer his customers a substantial discount on a deep cleaning for the month of November. All month long, EMJ Cleaning will offer a deep clean discount on a three-story house for only $180, which is $40 less than the regular price of the service. This discount is being offered as a way to help people get their homes ready for welcoming guests this holiday season.

“This is a great deal for our clients who are expecting guests this month,” says the owner of EMJ Cleaning, Eric Cano. “There is already so much that people have to do to get ready for the holidays, and cleaning the house is a big chore on a lot of people’s lists. We are hoping to be able to take some of the pressure off by offering this discount.”

This discount may also be a way to help homeowners get their houses back to normal after guests have left. The holidays often bring in the extended family, which means a lot of people coming in and out of the house, dragging dirt and debris in with them.

“This could also be a great gift for homeowners to give themselves following Thanksgiving,” says Cano. “When guests leave homeowners just want to relax, but first they have the mess to contend with. With this discount, we make it easy for them to get it out of the way.” Those interested in this deal should call EMJ Cleaning at 678-966-9469 and mention this press release.

EMJ Cleaning is a licensed, bonded and insured professional home cleaning service in Atlanta, Georgia. The company has been in business for over ten years, and provides cleaning services to residential and commercial buildings six days a week. EMJ Cleaning offers specific services like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, heavy duty cleaning, weekly deep cleaning and move-out cleaning; these are offered in both EMJ’s office cleaning service and home cleaning service. For more information, visit