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Atlanta Housekeeping Company EMJ Cleaning Services Now Offering Interior and Exterior Painting

To help residential clients who are moving to new homes or remodeling, Atlanta-based housekeeping company, EMJ Cleaning Services, is now offering interior and exterior painting.

Atlanta-based housekeeping company, EMJ Cleaning Services, announced today that it is now offering painting services to homeowners in the Atlanta metro area. This includes painting exterior surfaces of homes, as well as interior walls, ceilings, built-in shelving, and household furniture such as desks and kitchen cabinets.

“By offering painting services, we feel this is another way we can assist our customers, particularly when they’re preparing for a move or doing remodeling projects,” says Eric Cano, owner of EMJ Cleaning Services. “Putting on a new coat of paint is an excellent way to revitalize and update the appearance of any room or the outside of your house.”

In terms of interiors, EMJ is available to paint bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, pantries, dining rooms, living rooms, game rooms, hallways, ceilings, doors, floors, trim work, and garages. In terms of exterior painting projects, EMJ is equipped to tackle houses, garages, outbuildings, sheds, barns, playhouses, doors, and trim work. Other related services that are available include deck and fence restoration, concrete cleaning, pressure washer cleaning, and drywall repair. 

“Since we are originally a cleaning company, we offer money-saving packages to customers who are in need of both painting and a thorough house cleaning,” notes Cano. “You can get both your cleaning and painting projects taken care of with one call to us.”

EMJ offers a two-year warranty on its painting work, which covers peeling or blistering from poor workmanship, and work provided within the original estimate sheet. 

Certain areas are not covered by EMJ’s warranty, according to Cano. This includes any horizontal surface, cracks in the plaster or drywall, paint supplied by the customer, galvanized metals, bleeding knots, moisture damage or rust, varnished exterior surfaces, peeling of previous paint layers, nail or screw pops, cracks or tape tears (due to a building shift), paint costs, matching of the paints (the paint can be matched closely, although it is almost never perfect), mildew (caused by moisture accumulation), rotten wood, and rust or disintegrating metals.

“When it comes to painting the exterior or any room inside your house, we promise to pay close attention to details and do the job to your total satisfaction,” Cano says. “That’s always been true with the housekeeping work we do, and it’s equally true with the painting work we do. You can count on us to get the job done right, to show up on-time for your scheduled appointment, and to work as efficiently and professionally as possible.”

Individuals who would like to learn more about EMJ’s painting services or set up a visit for a free painting estimate are encouraged to call EMJ at (678) 966-9469. Alternatively, appointments can also be requested by filling out EMJ’s online form at, or by sending an email to

About EMJ Cleaning Services:

EMJ Cleaning is a licensed, bonded and insured professional home cleaning service in Atlanta, Georgia. The company has been in business for over 14 years, and provides cleaning services to residential and commercial buildings six days a week throughout metro Atlanta. EMJ Cleaning provides specific services such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, heavy duty cleaning, weekly deep cleaning and move-out cleaning; these are offered in both EMJ’s office cleaning service and home cleaning service. For more information, visit


jordy cano

jordy cano

Jordy is the "J" in "EMJ Cleaning Services". They began as a small, one-team crew, which became more successful than they ever imagined. He makes sure home and business owners receive high-quality cleaning services and is dedicated to customer satisfaction.


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