Atlanta Housekeeping Service EMJ Cleaning Announces Garage Cleaning Special for Husbands This Week

EMJ Cleaning, professional house cleaning company in Atlanta, announces a garage cleaning special for husbands this week.

(ATLANTA, GA) This week, Atlanta housekeeping service, EMJ Cleaning, announced a garage cleaning special on its website for all husbands and male parties in the homes. Throughout the holiday season, a garage cleaning special can be purchased through EMJ Cleaning for a limited time only.

“Our garage cleaning special is a great gift for husbands or men living in the home,” says EMJ Cleaning owner Eric Cano. “Many of our female customers find this garage special to be a great gift for their spouses or significant others because the garage is where many men spend a lot of their time.”

EMJ Cleaning’s garage cleaning special entails the following services: de-cluttering, disposing items that are approved as waste-worthy by the customer, sweeping and/or vacuuming the floor, mopping the hard floor surface, dusting off all garage items and disinfecting shelves and window and door frames.

In addition to a garage cleaning special, EMJ Cleaning has other holiday deals to take advantage of before the new year arrives. Commercial and office buildings can receive a cleaning special before the holiday season ends to de-clutter and clean their space for holiday parties and decorations.

“Our goal this holiday season is to make our customers’ lives easier so that they are able to start the new year on a clean foot,” says Cano.

EMJ Cleaning provides a variety of residential cleaning and commercial cleaning to people in Atlanta, Georgia, at the most affordable rates. During the holidays, EMJ Cleaning offers a range of specials, like a sale on garage cleaning, which can all be found on EMJ Cleaning’s website.