Atlanta Maid Service Enhances Company in Preparation of the Holiday Season

Atlanta Maid Service, EMJ Cleaning, enhances its company services and product line in preparation of the holiday season.

(ATLANTA, GA) Atlanta maid service, EMJ Cleaning Services, is enhancing its company services and product line in preparation of this year’s holiday season. In addition, owner of EMJ Cleaning, Eric Cano, was interviewed on tips and strategies to help minimize the stress of having a clean home for holiday gatherings. “Stress can be heightened during the holiday season if cleaning becomes an issue,” states owner Cano. “People struggle with keeping their homes clean for parties all while trying to adhere to their normal lifestyles. That’s where we come in.”

This holiday season, EMJ Cleaning is extending its traditional hours to squeeze in more clients that need various services. EMJ is also offering specials, like $80.00 for a one-bedroom-one-bathroom-one-floor cleaning. More products have also been introduced to EMJ’s current product line for cleaning homes and office buildings, such as Master Grease®.

“One of the best tips I could offer people for keeping calm throughout the holidays is to be organized. Have labeled storage bins around the house is perfect for putting away items that tend to get left out on counter tops and tables. Doing this alone will help keep the house spic-n-span and cleaning time will be lessened,” states Cano. “Another trick is to wipe down stove tops with a little baking soda and water immediately after cooking to remove the stains quickly and easily. A third trick is to fold the ends of your toilet paper into points. It’s a small and simple way to keep the bathroom neat and organized.”