Atlanta Maid Service Offers Clients Proper Fireplace Cleaning Methods to Prevent House Fires

EMJ Cleaning, an Atlanta maid service, offers its clients proper fireplace cleaning methods to prevent potential house fires.

(ATLANTA, GA) The owner of EMJ Cleaning, a professional maid service in Atlanta, Georgia, recently offered clients the proper fireplace or chimney cleaning methods that could help prevent potential house fires. “Often times when chimneys are used regularly, the buildup of soot and chemicals from the tar can lead to a fire,” states EMJ owner Eric Cano. “If you do use your chimney or fireplace frequently, it’s important to clean it well or have a professional clean it.”

For clients who wish to clean their fireplaces on their own, Cano offers the following strategies: “Remove ashes and coal residue using a broom or even a vacuum cleaner. Remove the grate and scrub it using a wire brush. Use the wire brush to also scrub the inside of the fireplace. Use a little bit of vinegar or even hot water to eliminate the grime from the damper and firebox.”

A fireplace should be cleaned prior to the colder months to prepare for heavy usage. The tools that are specially made for cleaning a fireplace or a chimney can be found in home improvement stores or even online. “Pay attention to the walls of the chimney when cleaning just as much as the floor and the grate. The walls collect a lot of the soot, which could contribute to fires or other problems if untreated for too long,” states Cano.