Atlanta Maid Service Providing Special Discount for the Thanksgiving Season


Atlanta cleaning service EMJ Cleaning Services is offering a special discount for customers purchasing cleaning for a family member or friend.

(Atlanta, GA) EMJ Cleaning Services, a maid service in Atlanta, recently announced that they are offering a Thanksgiving special for customers who buy a day of cleaning for a friend or family member.

The special offers a 15 percent discount on any type of cleaning service purchased as a gift to celebrate the values of Thanksgiving.

EMJ Cleaning has been in business for almost 15 years and provides services for all of their clients’ needs. Homeowners can choose between regular, heavy duty and deep cleaning services for residential cleaning. EMJ also provides commercial cleaning and maintenance services to several office buildings in the metro Atlanta area.

One of EMJ Cleaning’s most popular cleaning requests comes from customers who plan on moving out of their apartment, office or house. In this instance, the EMJ employees will perform deep cleaning services, as regular cleaning is not recommended or provided for move out cleaning.

The EMJ Cleaning staff is extremely professional and uses their own products and equipment when cleaning a residential or commercial space. Additionally, free estimates are provided for client convenience.

Purchasing a cleaning service for a friend or family member is the perfect way to show how thankful you are for your relationship. This offer will be available until the end of November, so purchases can be made for holiday gifts as well.

“We felt that it would be very meaningful to give a beloved friend or family member a day off as a gift,” says Eric Cano, owner of EMJ Cleaning Services. “We couldn’t think of a better way for our clients to be able to show their gratitude than by gifting friends with a clean house and time to spend with family.”



About EMJ Cleaning Services:

EMJ Cleaning is a licensed, bonded and insured professional home cleaning service in Atlanta, Georgia. The company has been in business for over ten years, and provides cleaning services to residential and commercial buildings six days a week throughout metro Atlanta. EMJ Cleaning provides specific services like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, heavy duty cleaning, weekly deep cleaning and move-out cleaning; these are offered in both EMJ’s office cleaning service and home cleaning service. For more information, visit