Housekeeping Service in Atlanta Providing Cleaning for Homeowners Affected by Winter Ice Storm


EMJ Cleaning has experienced a surge in homeowners requesting housecleaning services due to damages caused by the ice and snow storm that recently hit Atlanta.

(ATLANTA, GA) Atlanta cleaning services EMJ Cleaning has noted a surge in business and requests for home cleaning in the last two weeks following the ice, snow and sleet that shut down the city of Atlanta and the surrounding metro area for several days.

EMJ Cleaning has received requests to schedule cleanings from homeowners throughout Atlanta who suffered interior damage from the storm. In addition, EMJ is working to meet the needs of regularly scheduled cleaning clients because the storm prevented cleaning crews from traveling on the roads.

Homeowners in Atlanta experienced minor to severe water damage following the storm as ice damaged roofs and gutter systems, and the freezing temperatures caused pipes to burst. Following the storm, Atlanta experienced a rapid rise in temperatures which caused ice and snow to melt swiftly and overwhelm some gutter systems. Homeowners requested carpet cleaning services from EMJ to help remove water stains once the carpeting and padding beneath were dried out.

“The ice and snow storm prevented much of the city from working because the governor requested everyone remain off the roads, so we are tending to our regular cleaning clients as quickly as we can,” said Eric Cano, owner of EMJ Cleaning. “In addition, we’ve seen a surge in homeowners requesting cleaning services to remediate damages done by leaking water caused by the storm and the subsequent jump in temperatures and ice rapidly melting.”

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