LOST IN TRANSLATION: Atlanta Cleaning Company’s Website Now Offers English to Spanish Translator

The website of EMJ Cleaning, a professional cleaning company in Atlanta, can now be read entirely in Spanish from English.

(ATLANTA, GA): EMJ Cleaning, a residential and office cleaning company in Atlanta, has a website that was recently revamped with a new layout, new pictures and new colors. In addition to these changes, the most recent feature made was the “Espanol” icon placed on the website’s menu bar, which can translate all of the copy from English to Spanish when clicked. Located under the list of services provided on the home page, potential and current customers now have the option of clicking “Espanol” to read the entire website in Spanish.

“Spanish is one of the most prevalent languages in the US, which is why we wanted our website to have a complete English to Spanish translation capability,” states Eric Cano, owner of EMJ Cleaning. “We want to reach out to people who are more comfortable and knowledgeable of the Spanish language as well as the English language.” Currently with the English to Spanish feature on EMJ’s website, not only does the copy translate but so does the verbiage on the icons, which makes navigating capabilities easy, too.

EMJ Cleaning had a digital agency in Atlanta, Hughes Media, create the English to Spanish translation feature in addition to the overall design of the entire website. Founder and CEO of Hughes Media, Deedra Hughes, has been performing EMJ’s web design and search engine optimization (SEO) tactics for years and continues to help Cano and his team meet the company’s monthly and annual goals.