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Owner of Atlanta House Cleaning Service Announces Easy Tips for Extending the Life of Your Professional Home Cleaning

Eric Cano, owner of EMJ Cleaning, an Atlanta house cleaning service, announces cleaning tips for making your professional home cleaning last longer.

(ATLANTA, GA) On May 20, Eric Cano, owner of EMJ Cleaning, a professional home cleaning service, announced things that homeowners can do to make each house cleaning last longer. In his interview, Cano offers tips for small, quick clean-up activities that can easily be done in a few minutes. Cano offers tips like wiping down counters, making the bed and tidying up rooms every day.

A very easy step that can make any home cleaning last longer is regularly wiping down surfaces and mirrors, according to Cano. “Keeping wipes handy is a good way to remind yourself to wipe down surfaces like counter and table tops,” he said in his interview Wednesday. “Giving the kitchen a quick wipe down after you cook only takes a few minutes, and it can have a huge impact on the way your kitchen looks.” The same goes for the bathroom, he says, “Make sure you rinse the sink out and just run a wipe over the sink and mirror. It only takes a few minutes, and it will keep your house looking clean between cleanings.”

Cano also suggests picking up messes regularly throughout the week. “Just pick up the clutter before you go to sleep,” he said. “This will keep the floor cleaner, and it will get you into a routine of picking up as you go. Also, when you get home from work, put everything in its correct spot immediately. This is a good tip for kids, too.”

Cano offered this tips for parents: “Make it a rule that beds must be made before you leave the house. This will start everyone’s day off right and keep the house neat.”

Eric Cano is the owner of EMJ Cleaning, a licensed, bonded and insured professional home cleaning service in Atlanta, Georgia. The service has been in business for over ten years, and provides cleaning services to residential and commercial buildings six days a week. His company provides services like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, heavy duty cleaning, weekly deep cleaning and move-out cleaning; these are offered in both EMJ’s office cleaning service and home cleaning service. For more information, visit


jordy cano

jordy cano

Jordy is the "J" in "EMJ Cleaning Services". They began as a small, one-team crew, which became more successful than they ever imagined. He makes sure home and business owners receive high-quality cleaning services and is dedicated to customer satisfaction.


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