Owner of Atlanta Maid Service Interviewed About Tips for Deep Cleaning

Eric Cano, owner of an Atlanta maid service, offered tips about cleaning the most neglected areas of the home in his interview Monday.

(ATLANTA, GA) Eric Cano, owner of EMJ Cleaning, an Atlanta maid service, was interviewed Monday about deep cleaning tips for neglected areas of the home. In his interview, Cano says that an occasional deep clean can keep a house feeling clean longer. Cano offers tips like cleaning ceiling fans and blinds, cleaning kitchen appliances and wiping down baseboards.

The first step of performing a deep clean is wiping down fans, blinds and vents, said Cano Monday. “If you have ever seen the dust build up on vents, ceiling fans and blinds, then you know just how bad they can get,” he said. “Wiping these down or using the hose of your vacuum makes your whole house look cleaner, and it helps improve air quality.”

Wiping down baseboards is another important part of any deep clean. “Homeowners often forget to clean baseboards and door and window frames.” Cano said in his interview. “Cleaning these parts of the house can be really satisfying; sometimes you do not realize how dirty they were until they are sparkling. This is something you can do for a really noticeably cleaner house.”

Cleaning kitchen appliances is another often forgotten step, he said. “If you keep any appliances on your counter tops, then they are going to make your kitchen look dirty if they are dirty, no matter how clean your counters are.” Cano suggests wiping down appliances every few uses to keep them looking clean.

Eric Cano is the owner of EMJ Cleaning, a licensed, bonded and insured professional home cleaning service in Atlanta, Georgia. The service has been in business for over ten years, and provides cleaning services to residential and commercial buildings six days a week. His company provides services like carpet cleaning, heavy duty cleaning, weekly deep cleaning and move-out cleaning; these are offered in both EMJ’s office cleaning service and home cleaning service. For more information, visit www.emjcleaning.com.