Halloween Parties Place Atlanta House Cleaning Service, EMJ, in High Demand

Due to the number of Halloween parties that Atlanta residents are scheduling this month, EMJ Cleaning has been called on for more services in October than any other month. (ATLANTA, GA) Within the last couple weeks, professional house cleaning service in Atlanta, also known as EMJ Cleaning, has had more of its services scheduled for […]

EMJ Cleaning Offers Atlanta Residents 10 Habits for an Immaculate Home

Owner of EMJ Cleaning, Eric Cano, offers Atlanta residents 10 simple ways to keep the house extremely clean. (ATLANTA, GA) EMJ Cleaning is an Atlanta maid service that has been in business for over a decade. Owner of EMJ, Eric Cano, was recently interviewed about strategies people should implement to keep their homes in tip-top […]

Atlanta Maid Service Enhances Company in Preparation of the Holiday Season

Atlanta Maid Service, EMJ Cleaning, enhances its company services and product line in preparation of the holiday season. (ATLANTA, GA) Atlanta maid service, EMJ Cleaning Services, is enhancing its company services and product line in preparation of this year’s holiday season. In addition, owner of EMJ Cleaning, Eric Cano, was interviewed on tips and strategies […]

LOST IN TRANSLATION: Atlanta Cleaning Company’s Website Now Offers English to Spanish Translator

The website of EMJ Cleaning, a professional cleaning company in Atlanta, can now be read entirely in Spanish from English. (ATLANTA, GA): EMJ Cleaning, a residential and office cleaning company in Atlanta, has a website that was recently revamped with a new layout, new pictures and new colors. In addition to these changes, the most […]

Atlanta Maid Service Owner Recently Interviewed to Answer Frequently Asked Questions for Current and Future Clients

EMJ Cleaning owner, Eric Cano, was just interviewed to answer frequently asked questions about household cleaning for his current and future clients. (ATLANTA, GA) Eric Cano, owner of EMJ Cleaning, a house cleaning service in Atlanta, was recently interviewed to answer frequently asked questions from residential and commercial clients regarding EMJ’s services. One of Cano’s […]

NEW SCHOOL YEAR, NEW MESS: Apartment Cleaning Company Helps Students Get Rid of Filth

Apartment cleaning company, EMJ Cleaning, helps students get rid of filth and mess. (ATLANTA, GA) When one thinks college they think fun, partying, studying, and living in a constant mess. The majority of college-aged people do not live in the cleanest conditions. Some might think that this is because they are young, they don’t care, […]

Atlanta Cleaning Service Prevents Health Threatening Bacteria

Atlanta cleaning service, EMJ Cleaning, prevents health threatening bacteria in residential homes. (ATLANTA, GA) For most people, cleaning is considered putting everything in its place. Unfortunately, cleaning involves a much more labor-intensive process in order to get rid of the bacteria that make people sick. It also requires the use of heavy-duty equipment and a […]